Confidential mailbox

Duverna schranka is an innovative and secure solution for communicating suggestions and sensitive topics.

Duverna schranka offers a simple and effective way to securely receive complaints, suggestions for improvement and other sensitive information, either anonymously or publicly.

The main benefits of Schranka duvery include:

Safe communication

Application enables secure communication between the subject and the notifier, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Subject verification

Integration with your data box ensures that you only communicate with verified entities.

Anonymous and non-anonymous submission

Submissions can be sent anonymously or with the identity of the individual reporting. Therefore, in the case of particularly sensitive topics, the author of the submission does not have to worry about his/her identity being exposed.

Possibility to publish suggestions

The service allows you to publish suggestions for other users. This is desirable if the resolution of the suggestion would be of public benefit. Both the author and the subject must explicitly agree to the publication of the suggestion in order to ensure the protection of both parties.

Follow-up conversation

Within the app, it is possible to have follow-up communication about the report, which makes it easier to resolve.


Důvěrná schránka je tedy ideálním řešením pro:

Cities and municipalities

Ensure transparent and effective problem solving in your community.


Provide a safe environment to report bullying, injustice or other problems in the school environment.


Improve communication with employees and customers about complaints, suggestions for improvement or other important topics.

If you are looking for a solution to set up an electronic trust box, for example to deal with whistleblowing, the Trust Box is the right choice for you. Give it a try and see how it can help you improve communication and deal effectively with sensitive issues in your organisation. This free app is designed to be as user-friendly and reliable as possible, making it a modern alternative to the traditional physical inbox.

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