Visual identity and graphic materials

Visual identity is a set of visual elements that together create a unique and easily recognizable image of a brand or individual.  In everyday life, we see it for example in Apple with its simple logo, clean lines and minimalist design of their products, or in McDonald's chains with their iconic yellow arch and uniform look of their restaurants. Visual identity can also be applied in a simplified form to everyone's style of clothing.

We are able to help our clients in the area of creating a visual identity, especially in:

Brand identification

We help clients define the unique features of their brand that distinguishes them from their competitors.

Logo design

We design original, easily recognizable, and concise logos that represent the values and character of the brand.

Color and font definitions

We choose colours and fonts that harmonise with the overall look and feel of the brand and support its visual identity.

Creation of supporting graphic materials

We create additional visual elements such as illustrations, icons, or photographs to complement the visual identity.

Creating brand manuals

We produce detailed guides on how to use brand visuals correctly to ensure a consistent presentation across different platforms.


We update and modernise existing visual elements and brand communication materials. This includes improving and adjusting their design, colours, fonts, and other elements to better suit current trends and the needs of the target audience.

When it comes to graphic design, we can offer:

Website design

Responsive and attractive websites that reflect the visual identity of the brand and are optimised for all devices.

Banner design

Effective and visually appealing banners for online and offline marketing campaigns.

Design of brochures and printed materials

We design informative and aesthetically appealing brochures, flyers, business cards, and other printed materials that support the brand promotion.

Icon design

Unified and functional icon systems that simplify and clarify brand visual communication across multiple platforms and applications.

Proposals for physical materials

From decals, stickers, packaging material, offset printing, and rollups, to orientation displays in buildings.

All these services are mutually intertwined and together form a complex visual identity. Although it is sometimes difficult to identify exactly what service you need, you don't have to hesitate to contact us. We are confident that we can find the right solution and deliver stunning results beyond expectations.

We are ready to provide a complete package of visual identity and graphic design services tailored to your needs and desires. Our main priorities are creativity, a professional approach, and customer orientation. Thanks to this we are able to provide first-class solutions in the field of visual identity and graphic materials.


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