Custom application development

When it comes to developing custom applications, portals, and systems, we specialize in providing web solutions designed specifically for your specific needs. This approach can also be referred to as bespoke web application development. Our services include the creation of entirely new web solutions based on a "greenfield" approach, which means that the designed solution is built from the very bottom up without using an existing platform as a foundation. 

In greenfield development, we build solutions completely from scratch without using legacy code. However, to speed up development, we use proven frameworks and tools. This approach is ideal for solving specific and complex problems for which there is no suitable application alternative. 

Before we start the development process, we perform a thorough analysis of your requirements to fully understand your intention and design an effective solution that includes the right application composition and implementation of all processes. Our web applications are usually built on PHP programming language, using tools like Nette Framework, Doctrine ORM, parallel processing of system tasks, and more. The specific configuration of the application is based on initial analysis. 

The benefits of a greenfield solution include:


The solution is not tied to any existing platform, allowing for greater flexibility and customization to meet your needs.

Purity of the solution

The source code is structured for your exact requirements, ensuring that the application is fully focused on solving your processes.

Licence issues

As the owner of the source code, you don't have to deal with the licensing restrictions associated with using SaaS.


Our solution reduces the risk of attacks through vulnerabilities in the code and minimizes the potential security issues associated with the use of existing systems.


Because our solution does not need to adapt or bypass existing functionality, the application will execute only specific process actions during HTTP requests, increasing overall speed and performance.

Our customized application development services ensure that your solution is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This way we can create efficient, secure, and fast web applications that will serve your business and customers to the highest standard.

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