Management and maintenance of existing solutions

The management and maintenance of websites or e-shops are key activities to sustain quality and smooth operation. Without proper care and maintenance, you can lose visitors, and gain lower search engine rankings, and your site can also be prone to security issues. We focus on managing and maintaining websites or e-commerce sites not only on the open-source WordPress platform but also on more advanced systems and applications that run on PHP technologies. Below you will find a list of several activities that we perform for our clients.


The first step in website management and maintenance is regular backups. You should regularly back up all files, the database, and other components of the site. This way, in the event of an issue, the site can be restored to its last error-free state.


Updates are crucial to the security of your website. You should regularly update not only the core system (e.g. WordPress) but also plugins and templates. Updates fix bugs, improve performance and increase security.

Performance monitoring

Size and number of images, server response, download volume, number of scripts, and styles. This is a list of factors that affect the loading speed of your website. By regularly monitoring performance, you can prevent your site from becoming slow, which can negatively affect not only searchability but also user experience.

Security check

Site security should be your number one priority. You should regularly check if the website is secure and if it is susceptible to different types of attacks such as DDoS attacks or hacking.

Cleaning the database

Clean database = healthy and fast database. Cleaning your database can reduce file sizes, improve your website performance and remove unnecessary items.

Optimizing media files

Images are a key factor not only for the loading speed of your site but also for your hosting space. The more images you have, the more space they occupy on your server. A large number of images can negatively affect not only your loading speed but also your wallet, because the more space you need, the more you pay. Proper image optimization will not only save you money, but it can also increase the loading speed of your site.


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