Websites and web design

The basic building block of every online presentation is a website. As part of our services, we create clear and user-friendly websites that are easy for visitors to navigate. As the majority of website traffic nowadays comes from mobile phones, our websites are designed to be responsive and are adapted for all devices and we optimise them for different browsers to ensure the best possible compatibility and functionality.

Communication is a key element of any collaboration. We will involve you in the entire development process so you have a complete overview of the progress. In this way, we will also get all the information we need to create a masterpiece that matches your ideas and meets your requirements and goals.

1. First coffee is on us

At our first meeting we will meet over a good cup of coffee to discuss your requirements and needs. We will also introduce you to the options we offer and the technologies we work with.

2. Requirement analysis and structure design

Based on your needs and data from analytical tools, we will design the optimal structure of the website and also select a suitable content management system. Most often we use our own content management system Jarvis or good old Wordpress.

3. Wireframe model

We're starting to draw. In this step we create wireframes for all unique pages. We will design the layout of the components and content for each page and how they are interconnected.

4. Graphic design

From the wireframes created, the graphic designer will conjure up the visual form of your new website.

5. Coding, programming and deployment of the CMS

We take the web design and rewrite it in the language spoken by web browsers and our coders. We then deploy the finished templates to the content management system so that you have all the content under control.

6. Testing

We will thoroughly test the entire website before its launch, measure its performance and catch the last bugs.

7. Handover and training

And we're at the finish line! Now all that's left is to train you to use the content management system and launch the website.

Shall we have a chat?

If you have a project or collaboration that you would like to discuss with us, or if you are curious to hear more about how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.