CMS Jarvis

For the simplest possible website management, we have developed our own content management system, which tries its best to make your work easier.

Clear, intuitive and modern environment

The system has a modern and responsive design (adapted to all devices) that is easy to navigate.

We've created a clear structure so you don't have to search for anything complicated and you can find everything easily. Not only when working on your computer, but also comfortably on your mobile phone. So even when you're on the go, editing your website is not an obstacle for you.

Easy editing via graphical interface

You'd be hard pressed to find a faster way to edit your website. We have developed an editor that allows you to manage your site directly from the front-end (directly while browsing the site as a normal user), without having to search for the desired content in the editorial system menu. In short, you edit what you click on.

High security, constant updates and new features

Jarvis is not open-source, only we keep its code under wraps, which together with its many security measures is a combination that potential hackers would rather skip and choose an easier target.

We are constantly working to improve our existing solution and innovate in all areas - both security and new features, so that we can always offer you the best.

We also regularly test the platform to identify any potential flaws.

Easy management of language mutations

Content in Czech, English, Deutsche, Español, 中文? Con mucho gusto señor! You can create translations for any world language in the system. Your website can therefore be displayed with localization for visitors from the Czech Republic, America or China, for example. Each entity in the system is managed clearly on one single page, including translations.

Advanced pricing

1 000 CZK? € 40.17? $ 43.10? 6 876,23 ¥? The Jarvis system can operate with all world currencies supported by the European Central Bank (ECB). Every day that the ECB publishes new rates, the system itself synchronizes it immediately, so the conversions to other currencies are always up-to-date and it is up to you whether you let the system convert the prices to other currencies automatically or enter them manually.

You can also create any number of price levels for specific groups of users and give them different prices and discounts.

Your e-shop will thus be completely ready for both B2C and B2B solutions.

Of course, you can also check the VAT number in the European Central VAT Information Exchange System.

Stock control and product management

No need to worry about product availability and stock levels. The system keeps track of everything and in case of low stock levels, it will alert you so that you can replenish your stock in time before the product sells out.

Payment gateway and discount coupons of course

Nowadays, having an e-shop without a payment gateway is like going for a run with one shoe - it's fine, but it's not the same. That's why our system supports various payment gateways (Stripe, GoPay, ComGate, PayPal), thanks to which you can reliably accept payments from all over the world. In case you would like another payment gateway, there is no problem to implement it.

We all like to shop at a discount, so the ability to use the very popular discount coupons is an integral part of Jarvis. And of course it's free, not a monthly flat fee like many other systems. Furthermore, the system can support your sales - discounts on your first purchase, purchase reminders and discounts as rewards for completing order reviews.

Interfacing with third-party software

Do you use your own accounting system and require it to communicate with your e-shop? Do you want your customers to be able to register with you via a form? Do you need to connect your website to analytics tools, price comparisons or add chat with customers? No problem. All this and much more is possible by connecting with various third-party software. Jarvis is designed to connect to third party tools to make it easier to manage and provide the most comprehensive solution for your business.

SEO optimization and speed

When designing the system, we put emphasis on SEO optimization to make your website as visible as possible in search engines. In addition, Jarvis includes a number of SEO features to help you improve your site's position in search results. Additionally, we have optimized page loads to be as fast as possible, contributing to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.

Support and training

Our support is there for you whenever you need help or advice. We provide online technical support, which includes regular system updates and troubleshooting any issues. In addition, we offer training for users who want to learn the Jarvis system and all its features. This training can be completed either in person or online.

Integration with email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods for reaching customers and our Jarvis system takes this into account. For example, it can be integrated with popular email tools that allow you to easily create and send email campaigns


The Jarvis content management system is designed with simplicity, speed and security in mind. With our platform, you can manage your website, e-shop or blog efficiently and stress-free. We also offer a wide range of features and integrations that will make your website work great and attract as many customers as possible. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Jarvis provides you with everything you need to run your online business successfully.

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